Madhu Phupha (Arvind Vaidya)
  • 3 May
  • Ahmedabad
  • Male
  • Indian

Madhu Phupha (Arvind Vaidya)


A recipient of the 'Gaurav Puraskar' by the State of Gujarat, Arvind Vaidya has directed and acted in more than 150 full-length Gujarati and Marathi plays and has also directed and acted in over 200 one-act plays. His initial, formal training in the theatre includes a diploma in Drama form the Gujarat University. Apart from having acted and directed plays, he has written four full-length plays and ten one-act plays in Gujarati. He is currently acting in the Gujarati play BAA-BAPUJINI TWENTY – TWENTY.He has acted in six films such as Kashi No Dikro (Gujarati), Hun-Hunsilal (Gujarati) and Maya Memsaab (Hindi). His tele-films include Surya and Nandini Bhaibandhi. He has also directed two Gujarati films and has acted in over a 100 Hindi tele-serials such as Mr. Yogi, Fifty-Fifty, Captain House and Andaz. The teleserials that he is currently acting in include Baa, Bahu Aur Baby, Huto-Huti and Akbar Birbal. Amongst other awards he has been a five-time winner in the best actor and director categories of the Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy.


Movie NameRelease Date
Madhu Phupha's Niece Madhu Phupha’s Niece 2006-01-20
Sharman Kapadia's Trouble Sharman Kapadia’s Trouble 2005-10-03
Sonya's Prophecy Sonya’s Prophecy 2005-02-14
Popat Kaka Popat Kaka 2004-12-13
The African Chant The African Chant 2006-02-24